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Why choose XPLOSV Sports Performance

XPLOSV Sports Performance (XSP) provides in-season and off-season training programs, biochemical analysis, nutrition assessments, remote coaching, physical therapy and injury prevention programs for athletes to build the fundamentals for athletic progress, and maintain superior levels of athletic performance. With a global presence in more than five countries, XSP serves athletes of all sports including young athletes of North Texas, and high performance & professional athletes, both nationally and worldwide..

Our Mission

To help every athlete reach his or her full athletic potential, regardless of age, gender, limitation, sport or natural ability..


At XPLOSV Sports Performance, we are obsessive about human performance. With decades of research and our relentless pursuit of the best training methods, we combine tested and proven training methodology with the latest and most innovative techniques to produce the best results possible. We have a simple belief that training programs should be created to help individuals of every athletic ability achieve their goals and reach their full potential in their sport. The fundamentals and structure of our programs are designed to optimize the athletic performance of any athlete on the court, track, field, or ice..

Goal Focused

At XSP it’s our objective to help every athlete achieve their performance and career goals by creating an individualized performance program specifically designed in consultation with you. From NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and MLS to tennis, martial arts, gymnastics, Olympic sports and everything in between, XSP is the worldwide leader in professional sports performance training..